Production Team

We are all freelancers and over the last 8 years have come together regularly working as a team. The team now feels like family, so naturally we value everyones input, respect the part they play, want the very best for what we create and have fun. It’s a win, win all round.

Katie Gibbs

The Creative Force

Katie’s enthusiasm drives her to create the very best in all she does. She has a spring in her step and openness which produces an infectiously positive vibe when working together. With vision and tenacity she likes to fully understand the product so as to art direct and style with confidence and dedication ensuring that inspirational shots are continually produced by the team.

Ashley Stevenson

The Would be Actor

With 30 years experience starting as a teaboy on Freemans Catalogue, Ash’s photography is remarkably creative. He knows how to produce technically perfect shots but enjoys shooting freely using instinct and imagination. Between shots we’ll be guaranteed a hilarious one liner – the entertainer shining through. With that said, Ash is our rock, his level headed way of being and commitment producing a focussed and productive shoot.

Jason Wallis Johnson

The Genuine Artist

With a degree from The Royal College of Art and a gallery showing his impressive art Jason set builds for us and is our creative go to ­ you can imagine why his painted concrete walls and backgrounds on set have been the envy of many other teams. He effortlessly interprets ideas into sets and stand alone pieces. Interested in just about everything and a font of mindless information our shoots are never dull with JWJ around. He’s also ridiculously hard working with integrity oozing out of him.


Aaron Wahab

The Enthusiastic Movieman

Having taught himself video and editing Aaron’s super keen attitude especially to learning and discovering keeps him bang up to date with technology. With a passion for music and photography he has produced pop promos and is picking up an impressive array of commercial clients. Aaron’s ‘can do’ attitude along with his impressive work ethic for someone of only 20 keeps the team youthful and on their toes.

Imogen Moore

Our Girl Friday

Assisting and being a right hand man is one thing, and then there’s Imi. Fresh out of photographic college Imogen came to see what we got up to and we kept hold of her. Her easy going nature, stress free attitude and dependability make our shoots run with ease and she’s always one step ahead. Imi adores animals and has a gorgeous french bulldog who likes to look pretty on sofa shots.

She also has the most important job of us all…making delicious lunches!


Ben Cooper

The Eternal Optimist

Ben is always enthusiastic and ready to get stuck in, he literally has all the tools for the job and if he doesn’t he’ll enjoy finding it. His organised and methodical mindset helps in our creative team mixed with his happy go lucky attitude. Set building isn’t just nuts and bolts to him, it’s a passion for perfection.